Friday, December 30, 2005

Thevan Kathaigal

Today I was reminded of the novels by Devan. I have read four of his

1. CID Chandru (part 1 and 2)
2. Kalyani
3. Komathiyin Kathalan
4. Thuppariyum Sambhu

I found a website that has a listing of all major works of 20th Century Tamil Authors and Their Works . Back home in Vellore we have copies of Mister Vedantham, CID Chandru and Komathiyin Kathalan. Next time when I go home I should bring back Mister Vendatham.

Thevan died very young.

I wish somebody could digitize all the literary works in Tamil. May be Badri Seshadri might be able to find somebody.


tilotamma said...

I bet you have not read appalakutcheri!

Narasimhan said...

No. I haven't read. Didn't even knew that there existed a novel by Devan with that name.

Have you read Kalyani? You might like it.

tilotamma said...

Lemme try when I go home this time.
V.Gangadhar is a huge devan fan.

When my mom used to talk about Devan I never paid any attention but once V.G mentioned him I tried to read his books.

appalakutcheri is about the old practice of mamis getting together to roll out appalams, their conversations + one tiffin reciepe each time . There is also a youngish guy called venkittu - who is a total athigaprasangi and the only guy who is featured in these sessions.

all the other guys are off-screen as in "engathukar solrer" types...
They are at work obviously.

Badri said...

Hi. Regarding digitising Devan's works, Alliance Publishers of Myalpore have the publishing rights to all his works.

If these books are nationalised or if they come out of copyright, it may be possible to digitise them and make them available for free online.

Narasimhan said...

Dear Badri,

Actually I was referring to complete digitization of all literary, not just Devan's work, which I understand is a monumental task.

Actually I was thinking along the lines of JSTOR, supported by the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Actually this is a good opportunity for me to tell you how proud I am of the efforts of yourself and Satya.

With Regards

mali1944 said...

Dear Narasihman,

Two Novels namely Lakshmi Kadaksham and Justice Jaganathan are missing in your list. Try to locate the original as it appeared in Vikatan with a brilliant caricature by Gopulu. It was the most successful combination like Mellisai Mannargal and Kaviarasu.

Happy Blogging.
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PS: If iam not inquisitive,Your wife's Name sounds like north indian. Is it So ?