Sunday, November 05, 2006

What happens in between?

Yesterday, when Amrapali and myself were walking out of St. Charles Hospital here in Port Jefferson, Long Island, we saw a very old lady walking towards the hospital. She saw us and said

" You two look so happy
And I am glad to see that"

Though we weren't sure how to respond to that, we mumbled a thank you.

After a few steps, we met another lady, who probably is the old lady's daughter, told us

"When you are above 90, you can talk to just about anybody. Isn't it?"

The event really made me think. We keep talking when we are kids and if it is easy to talk to just about anybody when you are very old, what happens in between?

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terrywhatlee said...

Finally, a post from you! Where have you been - the wild wild west?!

Of course I wasn't there, but just from the written report of the exchange, I can interpret the daughter's comment one other way as well...

I wonder if Xena, the warrior princess had something to do with it...