Sunday, February 03, 2008


Sri Govinda Bhagavad Pada: What brings you here?

Sankara: I come to you seeking refuge, to resolve the enigma of existence.

Sri Govinda Bhagavad Pada: With this mortal body how can you cross the ocean of existence?

Sankara: 'Body' is subject to birth and death, not Atman. The unreal has no existence, the real never ceases to exist.

(From the movie Adi Sankaracharya by GV Iyer)


Anonymous said...

Nothing on Sujatha, Narasi?

Amit said...

Then the more important question is what is the criterion of existence, so that you can decide whther what is real/unreal. If I rely on my sensory perceptions, then everything I perceive is real, and everything I don't, is unreal. But then scriptures say otherwise.