Monday, March 27, 2006

Andha Kaala Tiffin

I really love thattai, a savoury that also goes by the name 'Elladai". I in general love all these varieties that my paati used to call 'andha kaala tiffin'. For her 'idli' and 'dosai' didn't belong to that category. The ones that made to that list were among others, 'thavalai' dosai, 'thavalai' adai, 'kaara' adai, sevai. Since I left home for higher studies, i have been yearning for all these 'andha kaala tiffin'.

I am a reasonably good cook and I enjoy cooking, but I never had the motivation to learn it and make them.

When my wife Amrapali went to India last time, she learnt all these from my mother and now she makes all of them much to my delight and I can't have enough of them. In fact she learnt only those items that I like. A typical conversation between her and my mother would go like this.

Amma: Let us learn x today

Amrapali: Does Narasimhan like this?

Amma: Not much

Amrapali: Let us move on to the next one.

After six years in Pune and Kanpur and two more years in Stony Brook, finally I am having my thattais, adais etc..


tilotamma said...

nice :-)

tilotamma said...

should ask amrapali for the recipe of thavala vadai