Friday, June 02, 2006

Spelling BEE

I am reminded of Ramesh Mahadevan's article where he lists the list of boring things that Desis do in US. I liked his comment on Spelling Bee.

Using spell check reminds me of another thing. While I was writing my Ph.D thesis, for which I used Latex, the day before I was to take the printouts to give my examination committee the copies, i wanted to do check the spelling and I, should positively admit stupidly and foolishly, said to my wife that I will read through the text in no time. Thanks to her counsel, i used the spell check of the emacs (one of the nice text editors on linux) and it took 1 hour to completely go through the entire document.

I wonder why somebody is not having a hand writing contest? I had tough time grading all the exam books of undergraduates, most of whose handwriting is pathetic to say the least.


terrywhatlee said...

Ramesh's is like saying: "How many times have we seen a Kenyan win the New York City marathon? Too Boring! Personally, I would rather take the subway to go from Brooklyn to Central Park." --
Vain but Valid.

Was it concidence that we posted about the same thing at around the same time? Did you watch it on TV? You know I used the word "riveting" to describe it. :)

tilotamma said...

It annoys me - I can't watch even a single show.....