Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Hindu and its irritating journalism

I recently came across a well articulated post about The Hindu at Prasanna Viswanathan's blog Benched @ Banglore. The statement about C Rajamohan couldn't be more right. I think one of the greatest contributions by N.Ram finally would be the to cause the shutting down of The Hindu. Its high brow journalism is sickening to say the least.

In today's Letters to the Editor, there is a letter by N. Damodaran, who has taken pains to read the opinion polls conducted by The Hindu and has come up a with simple statement that catches the very essence of absence of logic that The Hindu so gloatingly "finds" in its opinion polls.

The opinion polls are just Part 1 of the election results. Just wait for the elections to get over. There will be another 'analysis' of the results, how divisive forces have 'twisted' their mandate and the time is short for 'secular' minded parties to get together.

Recently they came up with an editorial about the impending electoral victory of the Left Front in West Bengal. I think the real revolution that is needed is to dislodge this government that has been in West Bengal for 30 years. I am sure every school teacher, governement official is a member of one of the left front parties and it is these people who are going to be poll personnel. Why should the left get irritated when the Election Commission decides a Five phase polling for WB? In fact it is the first time the EC has openly taken a stand to prevent the mal practices that have been part of the WB elections be it local, Assembly and Parliamentary. Maybe it is much worse than what is usually hyped, the Bihar elections.

That is enough left bashing for a post.


Ananth R said...

It is refreshing to find a like minded individual.

Narasimhan said...

Dear Ananth,

Thanks for the comment.

As Prasanna comments in his post, it is really painful outburst for those who have grown up reading The Hindu since their school days.

With Regards

Ganesh said...

Narasimhan first time here came thro ammani.
The nick name for The hindu is The Mandu ;)

WB- every year election there is a sham. I am happy at lease EC is looking into this

tilotamma said...

you too :-)