Sunday, February 25, 2007

Names, First and Last

This past week I was part of a conference call with one of the vendors who supply us with instruments that go onto our equipments. At the end of the call, he wanted to take the participants first name and last name, so that he can send out an email of an information that we requested.

This affable gentleman, knowing only half of my firstname, Narasi, said to another participant with whom he was talking at that time, "Narasi has a very difficult last name" at which point at started spelling out my name.


to which he quipped

"And do you pronounce that as SMITH, as in JOHN SMITH" to which we all had wonderful laugh, after which he said "I am sorry Narasi".

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Other (not anonymous) said...

It's actually 60% of your first name which I like 100% :)