Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Calibrating Life!

While driving back home yesterday, I was listening to the story of Chicago White Sox headed to the Base Ball World(?) Series. A fan talked about the time scales of a white sox fan. Since the last time they were in world series was 46 years ago and the last time they won was some 90 years ago, he said that white sox fans talk in terms of generation.

It reminded me of my calibration of money during the graduate school days. I used to calibrate all expenses in terms of number of coffee i can have in school cafeteria. The cost of a 12 Oz coffee was $0.86. Every monday morning I used to go to the library to check the books (the ones that library is planning to sell off) that I can buy. They were really very cheap, typically 50 cents to $2. So I used to 'sacrifice' a few cups of coffee for the books. Over time I bought close to 60 books, all gems.


karrvakarela said...

I used to do the same thing when I was in Toronto. Scrimp on meals and buy books instead.

What have you enjoyed reading?

Narasimhan said...

Dear Karrvakarela

Mostly Steinbeck and Joseph Conrad. Also have Garcia Marquez.

With Regards

tilotamma said...

I haven't read Steinbeck or Conrad