Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ramesh Mahadevan

This post is about Ramesh Mahadevan. Yes it is the same Ramesh Mahadevan that you are thinking about. I just read for the zillionth time his essay A Grandmother Remebered and cried once again.

I recently spoke to him when he was in Boulder, CO around labor day. I should say it was a very pleasant experience. That is an understatement. I have been in regular touch with him through e-mail and finally had the opportunity to talk to him.

Among his various writings I find this on grandmother to be the best. He is able to connect to his readers so intimately, something that I find in Tilotamma's writings too. Apart from Ramesh the writer, he is an amazing person.

He has promised to visit me the next time he will be here.

Waiting to meet you Ramesh. I can't thank you enough for all the pleasures that you have given me through your writings.


Ramadoss Magesh said...

Dear Narasimhan,

Sujatha in his article on R.K. Narayan(published just after his passing away) solirupar..He mentions that he presented (the most favourite for Sujatha amongst his works) "SriRangathu Thevathaigal"(Incidentally, Balajis most favourite amongst sujathas work) to Narayan when he met him some years ago..Athuku solirupar..

"En vazhvil avar vazhangia inbamana tharunangaluku oru chinna kai maru"

apdinu..When myself and Balaji met the very frail looking Sujatha during the preview of the movie Alaipayudhey we were thinking something similar. Ivar namaku vazhangiya anupavangalukum katru kodutha vishayngalukum ennai kaimaru seyya poromnu..

You thanking Ramesh reminded me to write this..If you are writing to Ramesh,just checkout for his contact no..or i will write to him..anyway, am planning to meet him..if possible with K.S. also planning to meet this other Balaji(this AID guy, JEE 4 from my 12th batch) during this visit.

With best wishes,

tilotamma said...
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Abi said...

Aha! After Tilo, I have found another blogger who is a big fan of Ramesh Mahadevan. Cool!

In my blog description, I have linked to one of Ramesh's articles that mentions my name. That's my trophy!

tilotamma said...

Narasimhan - I think you are way too generous to me but definitely thanks. I have never spoken to Ramesh though I have exchanged emails with him.

(I guess I am afraid of meeting people offline - what if they don't live up to the mental image I have of them or worse still if I don't match up to the image they have of me!)

Abi would like to see that article.

tilotamma said...

Narasimhan - completely off topic - saw your profile - it says PS is one of your top fave. books so I guess you will take any criticism to heart :-).

Anyway the book I quoted from was "The Smile of Murugan" by Kamil Zvelebil and he was quoting from Kaa.Naa.Subramanian who always called a spade a spade I belive.

I like PS too but the plot and the writing is not without its flaws. For weeks I was immersed in the book - my husband who does not know any Tamil wanted to see what kept me so engrossed. I got him the translation and he read all volumes in 'one' go.

So yes there is something about the plot which carries you along - still
there are some drawbacks and not little ones at that .....

tilotamma said...

I think you like all writing on grandmothers but seriously mine was nothing like yours or the one Ramesh describes. she had a very sharp tongue :-)