Friday, October 21, 2005

Permission Vs Forgiveness

Today while hearing All Things Considered on NPR, one person said something which made me to ponder. He said "Forgiveness is easier than getting permission". The news report was about wetlands in New Orleans area. He was referring to a lake in which there are crocodiles and alligators. He said there is a notice that says "Don't feed the crocodiles".

I was wondering why it may be easier to forgive.

Is it that when a permission is being asked, humans feel that they have power and mostly want to deny and when somebody has committed the act and asks to be forgiven, we may be feeling "now that he has already committed it, let me atleast pardon him and take the moral high ground".

I really don't know.

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tilotamma said...

That sounds plausible. In fact that is the very explanation I have heard so far ......

I am thinking of the desi parents and "love" marriage situation. Most would say No! as a matter of principle even if they have no good reason.

Obviously people who are waiting for such permission will never get it